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Hi, I’m Josh. I am a Full-Stack Web Developer and Designer with over 15 years of professional experience. I build cool stuff for the web and I love what I do!

Since beginning my journey as a freelance developer, I have worked with a wide array of clients. I’ve done direct work with local businesses small and large, remote work with companies around the world, contract work for agencies, and volunteer work for non-profits. Over the years, I have been lucky to have collaborative opportunities with talented people to create some beautiful websites. I’m quietly confident, naturally curious, determined, and always looking for new and creative solutions. My goal is to learn something new every day!

Como Creative specializes in designing websites that are attractive, innovative, and user-friendly. Our responsive website designs are crafted using the mobile-first strategy to ensure usability on all screen sizes from mobile devices to desktop monitors. Behind the design, proven tactics are used to optimize our websites for speed and search engine performance.

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  • Creative Custom Web Design

    Need a new website or a redesign, restructuring, or upgrade of your current website? Como Creative is here to help.

  • Innovative Web Development

    Como Creative's web development services utilize the latest techniques to build innovative, attractive, modern websites.

  • Mobile-First Responsive Layouts

    Gone are the days of designing websites for desktop monitors. Modern websites must work on all devices.

  • Graphic Design & Logo Design

    Great design makes your marketing materials more enjoyable to read.

  • Non-Linear Digital Video Production

    Digital video editing can transform your raw footage into a final product that you are proud to share.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    It's your website so you should have control over it. Como Crative can give you control of your content.

  • Custom Web Application Programming

    Why not use your website as a tool? INtegrated custom web applications can improved improve your website's effectiveness.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    A great looking site is nice, but what's the point if no one can find it? Como Creative can help make your site SEO Friendly.

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